Thursday, 28 May 2020

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Around 10 thousand Rohingya Refugee, are now living at Dum Dum Meah, an unofficial refugee camp under the Cox’s Bazar district in a sub-human condition, sources said.


These Rohingyas were part of about 2, 50,000 who were victimized, subjected to multiple repressions in the Arakan State of Burma and driven away to Bangladesh .


Lives of these innocent human beings are at a stake as they are not provided with even basic necessities including safe accommodation, food, water, sanitation and employment facilities.


Around 2,000 Rohingya families who had started living at Teknaf uparzila area of Teknaf at the initial stage were later forced to leave the site in the wake of repression of the locals and withdrawal of the police from the refugee camps.


Later, they took shelter on the bank of the Naf River beside Dum Dum Meah main road where the Rohingya refugees have been living amid untold sufferings, sources added.


It deserves mentioning, over 80% population of northern Arakan State of Burma is Rohingya Muslims and as such the Burmese rulers never had any welfare activities there although the State is prosperous and endowed with natural resources.


As the Rohingyas are generally like Bangladeshis in their language and behavior as well as their habits they are being driven towards Bangladesh territory without any justified ground.


Rohingya refugees have become the problem of Bangladesh . When will Rohingyas be freed from the yoke of Burmese ruling junta? , said a college student requesting not to be named.