Friday, 05 June 2020

Buthidaung, Arakan State : For the Nasaka, Burma ’s border security force, the greed for money knows no bounds. It fined two cattle traders a hefty Kyat 3, 55,000 on November 2, accusing them of smuggling cattle to Bangladesh .


The two cattle traders are Mohamed Rofique (a Rohingya) son of Baser Ali hailing from Hlet Wat Dat village in Buthidaung Township and U Kyaw Hla Aung (a Rakhine), hailing from Rathedaung township, Arakan State, said another trader who recently reached Bangladesh.


According to villagers, the two have been in the cattle business together for a long time. Recently a Village Peace and Development Council (VPDC) Chairman

of Hlet Wat Dat village asked for some money from the traders, but they refused to give it to him.


The VPDC Chairman went to the nearby Nasaka camp and complained that the cattle traders have been smuggling cattle from Burma to Bangladesh for a long time. He also advised the Nasaka to summon them to their camp to get money out of them, said a villager.



On November 2, Mohamed Rofique was summoned to the Nasaka camp and was asked about cattle smuggling. He told them that they sent cattle to Bangladesh after giving bribe to the concerned authorities. He was released after paying Kyat 55, 000.


Two days later, U Hla Aung was summoned to the Nasaka camp, and he was set free after paying Kyat 300,000 to the Nasaka.