Sunday, 31 May 2020

Buthidaung, Arakan State , Burma : A patient was fined Kyat 80,000 by Nasaka Burma ’s border security force for coming two days late from Bangladesh where he had gone for treatment even though he went after procuring necessary documents from the authorities.


The patient, Amir Ahamed (35), son of Nabi Ahamed, hails from Kyanbo village in Buthidaung Township , Arakan State , a relative of the victim said.


Amir has a heart disease for a long time and was not allowed to go to Akyab, the capital of Arakan State for treatment. Proper treatment is not available locally as it lacks specialists and medicines are scarce.


He applied to the concerned authorities for permission to go to Bangladesh for treatment, which he got.


After procuring the necessary documents, he went to Bangladesh on November 6. He was treated in Bangladesh till November 17, 2006.


He returned home on November 18. On arrival he was summoned to the Nasaka camp because he was two days late in returning for various reasons. His was

supposed to return to Burma by November 15.


He was fined Kyat 80,000 by Nasaka for returning two days late, according to his family members, according to family sources.