Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Maungdaw, Burma :  Burma ’s Border Security Force (Nasaka) arrested 51 Rohingyas on a boat on December 19, 2005, in the evening while on the way to Malaysia to look for work, said one of the relatives of the victims requesting not to be named.


A Nasaka commander of Nasaka Area No. (25), Major Sein Win, arrested them on the boat at the “Angu Maw” while the Nasaka team was patrolling in the sea, according to Nasaka officials.


The boat carrying 120 Rohingyas including some Bangladeshis had left for Malaysia from Teknaf of Bangladesh, the opposite site of “Shuzar Para” of Maungdaw Township , at about 2 a.m., on December 15. A day later the boat engine failed just northwest of Akyab (Sittwe), the capital of Arakan State., the relative further added.


After the engine failure the boat floated on the sea for 4 days. On 19 December, two fishing boats from Akyab saw the boat and dragged it to “Angu Maw”, the coastal area of Rathedaung Township upon their request.


On arrival to “Angu Maw”, all of sudden, the Nasaka patrol team saw the boat being dragged by another two boats on the sea. Then the pulling boats abandoned the victims and ran away for its safety leaving behind the 120 persons in the boat. However, 69 persons out of 120 jumped into to the sea to save their lives while 51 persons were caught by the Nasaka.


According to relatives of some arrested victims, they had paid Tk 20,000/- to the boat owner for the passage.


The arrested were brought to Maungdaw police Station, and they were under severe torture, according to relatives of victims.


Recently, over 300 Rohingyas from northern Arakan were also arrested in Thailand , as they were en route to Malaysia to look for jobs. Besides, about 65 Rohingyas were recently arrested by Indian government while on the way to Malaysia .