Teknaf, Bangladesh: A repatriated refugee was arrested by the police in Teknaf on allegations of being an illegal migrant, said Hashim Ullah from the refugee camp. He was later freed after he paid Taka 1,000 to the police


The arrested refugee Amir Hussain (25) son of Lal Meah is a former refugee from the Nayapara camp. He was forcibly repatriated to Burma in 1996 without his wife. His wife Baruwa Khatoon has been living in Shed No.3 in Nayapara refugee camp, he added.


He reentered Bangladesh in 1997 following his repatriation. He has been living outside the refugee camp ever since. But, he regularly went to the refugee camp at night to stay with his wife. It is illegal for an outsider to stay in the refugee camp without permission.


He was arrested by the personnel from the Teknaf police station at around 7.30 p.m. while he was going to the refugee camp to meet his wife.


But, he was set free after he bribed Taka 1,000 to the police, he said.


There are many repatriated refugees who have reentered Bangladesh and have been living outside the camp, said a refugee from the camp