Sunday, 31 May 2020

Tekanaf, Bangladesh : A fresh batch of 55 boat people was arrested on March 16, while on their way to Malaysia along the sea route from Cox's Bazaar port, Bangladesh. 

The boatpeople were rounded up by the Indian Navy from Andaman Sea near the Dhatmapun Port Bloin in India on March 16, which was left for Malaysia on March 11 from Cox’s Bazar, said a refugee from the camp, who is a relative of one of those arrested.

Of the arrested seven boatpeople are from the Nayapara refugee camp, Bangladesh . Some are from Arakan State while some are from southern Cox's Bazaar District.

Some of the refugees were identified as Md. Hares, MRC #1659. Block - P, Shed No.6, Room No.2, Md. Jaber, MRC #21617, Block - P, Shed No. 15, Room No.4, Md. Sultan, MRC #. 33252, Block P, Shed No. 17, Room Noo.4, Md. Noor, MRC #. 28954, Block P, Shed No.29, Room No. 4,  Shamshul Amin, MRC #. 163818, Block - E, Shed No. 45, Room No. 1, Moktul Husain , MRC #. Nil 07, Block E, Shed No. 55, Room No. 6, Kasim Ali, MRC No. 55611, Block D, Shed No.28, Room No.4, said a Majee from the camp.

Many Rohingyas from Arakan in Burma are intruding into Bangladesh through various porous border points in the district. After entering the country, they are mingling in the vast area of Cox's Bazaar District. Many of them are falling prey to deception by cheats and are ending up losing their belongings.

A syndicate of cheats is luring them to Malaysia with the promise of jobs and stripping them off all they have. They are being sent to Malaysia mainly along the Bay of Bengal via Saint Martin, Shapuri Dip, Cox' Bazaar in Bangladesh.