Friday, 05 June 2020

Maungdaw, Burma: There is simmering tension following clashes between Natala villagers in Shwe Yin Aye and Rohingya villagers of Khadirbil (Nyaung Chaung) in Maungdaw Township on March 24, which left many injured.

The clash erupted when four betel-leaf  plantation (in Burmese Kun Gyan) owners Dil Mohammed, son of  Abul Khair, Syed Ahmed, son of  Syedur Rahman, Abdur Shukkur,  son of  Bashir Ahmed, Nur Mohammed, son of Abul Faiz were beaten up by Natala villagers when the four tried to stop them from looting betel leaves, said a villager on condition of anonymity.

The betel-leaf plantations are near the Natala village. The land, on which they grow betel leaves belong to Rohingyas. Earlier, Natala villagers disturbed them frequently. But, this time, things went out of hand, said villagers.

This clashes spread to the nearby Natala village -- Shwe Yin Aye. A huge crowd rushed to the spot and destroyed the betel plantation. Following which villagers of Khadirbil (Nyaung Chaung) retaliated. The clashes led to a lot of injuries on both sides and many had to be hospitalized. Police arrested two persons.

Both sides involved in the clash went to the Maungdaw police station to file complaints.

Colonel Thein Htay, the Technical Operation Command's (TOCs) Commander in Buthidaung visited the village on March 26, to investigate, said a source close to Nasaka ( Burma 's border security force).

Natala villagers who have been settled in northern Arakan by confiscating farms from Rohingyas, also called model villager. They have been brought by the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) authorities from Burma proper. All Natala villagers wear long hair, look like goons and are bent on disturbing the Rohingya community. They are not scared because the authorities stand by them whenever they face problems with Rohingyas. This is the strategy adopted by the SPDC authorities, said a village elder.