Maungdaw, Burma: Fifteen Bangladeshis were released following a flag meeting between Nasaka (Burma's border security force) and the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) yesterday. They were imprisoned in Burma for a long time, a source close to the police in Maungdaw said.

The Nasaka handed over the Bangladeshis to the BDR after a flag meeting at Nasaka's regional office in Maungdaw Township, Burma.

The Nasaka had arrested the 15 Bangladeshis, when they were collecting firewood or catching fish in the bordering areas at different times. They were given different jail terms by the Burmese authorities.

According to BDR sources, the Nasaka called for the flag meeting to hand over the Bangladeshi prisoners as their jail terms had ended. The freed Bangladeshis are from Cox's Bazaar District, Bangladesh.

Checking trespass, smuggling, and enhancing bilateral border trade came up for discussion along with other related issues, during the two-hour long flag meeting between the Nasaka and the BDR.