Monday, 25 May 2020

Buthidaung, Arakan: Army forcibly has been collecting paddy from the villagers of northern Arakan, Burma, said a villager from "Da Byu Chaung" village of Buthidaung Township requesting not to be mentioned his name.

Recently, the army of "Da Byu Chaung" Brigade Commander Brigadier General Aung Gyain gave an order to his army to collect two Taunns (1 Taunn =13 kg) of paddy per cow or buffalo  nearby villagers of the Brigade of Buthidaung Township, he further added.

Therefore, the armed forces of the brigade daily go to nearby villages and have been collecting paddy since 15th January 2006, he more said.

If any body fails to pay the paddy, the armies send some Natala (model) villagers or some Rakhines of near Rakhine villages to the cattle owner to steal his properties or to kill one of the cattle by any means. The notorious thieves are identified as Chi Chi Maung and Maung Ba Kyaw of "Pyin Chay" village of Buthidaung Township, told a head of the village.

For instances, Abu Sidique, 45, has to pay 10 taunns of paddy, Abdur Rahaman,40,has to pay 20 taunns, Omar Hakim,50, has to pay 30 taunns  and  Mohamed Ismail,47, has to pay 26 taunns to the  army according to their quantity of cattle. They all are hailed from Da Byu Chaung village of Buthidaung Township, the head further said.

In this way, the armies have been collecting paddy for their ration from nearby villagers according to their possession of cattle without giving money.