Buithidaung, Arakan:  A guarantor was fined by Nasaka (Burmese-Border Security Force) for taking guarantee of a bride while she was beating up by Nasaka for getting married without permission, said a relative of the bride.

The new couple named Noor Hakim, 25, of Badanar village and Anwara Begum of Thinganet village tied the knot on 25th July 2005 without getting permission from concerned authorities, he said more.

On 5th December 2005, the newly- weds went to the parents' home of the bride to visit them. On getting information at about 12:00 pm at midnight,12 Nasaka forces of Nasaka Area No. (9) went to the parents' home of the bride and dragged the Anwara Begum out of the house and severely beaten up by the Nasaka forces. Besides, the Nasaka forces looted 15 grams of gold of her ornaments such as ring, earrings, nose-ring and necklace, said an elder of the locality.

Anwara Begum, 3 months pregnant made hue and cry and the nearby villagers accompanied by the Village Peace and Development Council (VPDC) secretary Mohamed Idris went to the spot and the secretary gave a guarantee for her to release. The guarantee given by Mohamed Idris, the Secretary of VPDC was that she will be sent to the Nasaka camp in the early morning the elder more added.

But, on that night, the newly-weds fled from the house for fear of further torture and arrest. So the secretary of VPDC did not able to keep his promise. In the early morning, a group of Nasaka forces went to the said village to bring Anwar Begum, but they failed said a villager, who has close relation to the bride family.

Regarding this, the Nasaka Forces arrested the said Secretary Mohamed Idris and brought to their camp.

However, the secretary was set free after bribing Kyat 200,000, said a trader from the village.