Wednesday, 08 April 2020

Maungdaw, Burma: In a brutal act of high handedness a minor was killed by Nasaka ( Burma 's border security force) on May 21. He was detained for allegedly being in possession of a mobile handset and severely tortured.


The victim identified as Mohammed Rafique (15) was the son of Mohammed Eliyas, hailing from Pa Dinn (Patanza) village in Maungdaw Township , Arakan State , Burma , said a source close to Nasaka.


He had passed class VII and could not continue his studies because his family could not to bear the expenses for his education. So, he started working in a shop in the village market.


On May 5, seven Nasaka personnel from Pa Dinn Nasak out post went to his house and arrested him for allegedly having a mobile. He was brought to the Nasaka out post.


He was severely tortured by the Nasaka in the camp. He had many marks of torture on his body.


However, he was released on May 15. After arriving home, he was taken for medical treatment, according to the victim's father's friend.


On May 21, the boy Mohammed Rafique succumbed to injuries.


"He was a small boy. He had no mobile phone. Why did Nasaka arrest him on the allegation of having a mobile? Why did Nasaka torture him so severely which led to his death?" asked a relative of the victim.