Wednesday, 08 April 2020

Ukhiya, Bangladesh: Serious concern has been expressed by the Bangladesh Women's Parishad (Union) on May 20, over the torture of a Rohingya housewife following a 'fatawa' (religious edict), according to a Parishad statement.


The Parishad demanded an impartial investigation into the incident and exemplary punishment to the culprits.


They also demanded security for the victim and her family.


Quoting a news item published in a national daily, the Women's Parishad said a group of fanatic Rohingyas  issued a 'fatawa' ordering 100 lashes to a housewife Momtaz Begum (28), wife of Mohamed Salim  as punishment for her alleged illicit relationship with Amir hussain (35), a local villager, in Kutupalong refugee camp in Ukhiya of Cox's Bazaar District.


The statement was signed by the Women's Parishad president Hena Das and general secretary Ayesha Khanam.


It urged the Bangladesh Caretaker Government to take steps to stop repression of women and issuance of 'fatawa' against them.


On May 17, Amir Hussain (a local villager) was caught red-handed by refugees in a compromising position with Momtaz Begum. The elders of the camp especially Dr. Nazir and Moulvi Abu Suffi of Kutupalong refugee camp took the initiative to solve the problem. The arbitrators decided that the culprit Amir Hussain has to give a commitment that he would never commit adultery. They did not issue a fatawa of giving 100-lashes to the housewife Momtaz Begum, said a Majee from the camp on condition of anonymity.