Maungdaw, Burma: Villagers residing in Inn Din village tract of Maungdaw Township in Arakan State have been ordered to purchase and plant physic nut and rubber seedlings at plantation sites by the Commander of Nasaka area No. (8) Major Zaw Zaw, said a village elder who was at the meeting.


Two months ago, these seedlings were grown with forced labor of local villagers of Inn Din village tract.


On May 19, the Nasaka Commander held a meeting in a primary school of Inn Din village and invited the village Chairman, Secretary and other village elders. At the meeting, the Commander told villagers that seedlings of physic nut and rubber would be grown at the plantations. The villagers would have to buy the seedlings from the Nasaka. They have to pay Kyat 400,000 for the seedlings.


According to villagers, they have to pay Kyat 4,000 to 7,000 per family depending on the capacity of the family.


Initially, the Commander of the Nasaka authorized to the village Chairman and Secretary to collect the money from the villagers. But, they wanted to collect Kyat 600,000 in place of kyat 400,000. So, village elders intervened and did not allow them to collect the money. The village elders are now collecting the money, said another village elder.


The money will be collected by the end of this month and will be handed over to the Nasaka officer.