Buthidaung, Burma: Personnel of the Nasaka, Burma’s border security force, burgled a house and looted gold ornaments in Buthidaung Township, Arakan State on May 18.

The victim whose house was robbed has been identified as Anwar Hussain (55), son of Rahamat Ali, hailing from Thinga Net village in Buthidaung Township , Arakan, said a relative of the victim.

On May 18, at about 11:50 p.m. seven Nasaka personnel from Nasaka area No. (9) in Taung Bazaar went to Anwar's house in a small row boat. They called Anwar and told him to open the door. The house owner was reluctant. But the Nasaka personnel forcibly entered his home after breaking the door.

The family members woke up at the commotion and started clamoring on seeing the Nasaka men carrying arms.  The Nasaka personnel started beating up the family members. Three of them herded the family members into one room while two others stood guard. The last two Nasaka personnel stood outside the house, said a source close to the Nasaka.

The Nasaka looted gold ornaments worth about Kyat 400,000. They even took off a pair of gold earrings, a gold chain and a ring that Hussain's daughter was wearing.  After 45 minutes that took to burgle the house, they left for their camp.

The following day, Anwar accompanied by the village Peace and Development Council Chairman, went to Nasaka headquarters in Nasaka area No. (9) and lodged a complaint. The Nasaka officer countered the complaint by saying, "Last night we had no patrol party doing the rounds. Your complaint is false.  If you come here again, you will be punished," quoted a village elder. Anwar Hussain went back home, he added.