Tuesday, 01 December 2020

Taungbro, Maungdaw, Burma:  A schoolboy was arrested instead of his father   and was brutally tortured by Burma's Border Security Force (Nasaka) in Taungbro Camp, Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, Burma, according to victim's relatives. 

The boy, Abul Kalam (13) is the son of Noor Hussain from Taungbro in Maungdaw Township. He is a student of class VII in Taungbro Middle school.

He was arrested by Nasaka on night of August 23 while he was sleeping at the shrimp project in place of his father, Noor Hussain. The Nasaka in area No. (4) wanted to arrest his father as Salamat Ullah from Taung Bro-left village and an agent of Nasaka filed a case against Noor Hussain over money. Noor Hussain had taken loan of Kyat 200,000 from Salamat over a year ago. He did not pay back the money despite being asked to.

The Nasaka area No. (4) Commander Major Nay Myo told the relatives of the arrested Abul Kalam that unless the father of the boy surrenders at the Nasaka camp, the boy will not be released, said a relative on condition of anonymity.  

The father has been absconding since August 23, to avoid arrest and torture.

"It is not fair to arrest and torture a minor schoolboy in place of his father", said a village elder.