Sunday, 31 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The body of a month old child was exhumed from a Rohingya Muslim cemetery by Nasaka Burma's border security force for verification on October 23.

The dead has been identified as Hasina Begum, daughter of Abu Talek, belonging to Gyikan Pyin (Kawarbil) in Maungdaw Township in Arakan State, Burma.

"After my wife gave birth to a baby girl, three months ago, I went to the Nasaka to enroll my daughter in my family list, which was done. But, my daughter died a few days later," said the father.

On October 23, about 40 Nasaka personnel led by the Deputy Commander of Nasaka Headquarters came to the village and arrested the father and asked him whether the body was his daughter's or not. The father responded in the positive. Despite this he was severely tortured by Nasaka. They photographed the skeleton and took it away for verification, father added.    

It is learnt that there was an old enmity between Korimullah, the former Village Peace and Development Council (ex-VPDC) Chairman and Abul Kalam, the new VPDC Chairman of Kawarbil village. The baby was enrolled in the family list during the period of the earlier VPDC Chairman. So, to denigrate the former Chairman, the new Chairman Abul Kalam complained to the Nasaka that the dead baby was not Abu Talek's daughter.

The father was interrogated by Nasaka several times and fearing arrest and more torture he fled to Bangladesh.

"The dead baby was the daughter of Abu Talek. Why did the new VPDC Chairman complain to the Nasaka against the former VPDC Chairman? It is a gross rights violation. Why did the Nasaka take so much interest in this matter?"  villagers asked.