Friday, 29 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan: Two Rohingya girls from Maungdaw High School have fought off harassment and eve teasing by local youths recently, said a relative of the girls.

The two Rohingya girls, Ma Nu Nu and Ma Khine Khine (not real name) are both studying in class X of Maungdaw high school and belong to Shweza village track.

Ma Nu Nu from Kannbay (Dawliya) village joins her friend Ma Khine Khine in Zaydipran and then the two girls go to school together, he added.

Ma Nu Nu was regularly teased on her way to her friend's homes by local youths in Zaydipran. The two young Rohingya girls complained to the village elder and the villager elders discussed the matter with the parents of the youths and told then to stop teasing the girls, he more added.

The youth paid no heed and continued to tease the girls. The girls’ parents appealed to the Village Peace and Development Council (VPDC) for their safety and security, but the boys refused to obey the orders of the VPDC.

Finally the girls complained to the Nasaka (Burma's border security forces) on October 25. The Nasaka called the two youths with their fathers to camp and warned them. The two boys were kept in the camp and pilloried (where the two youths legs were put in to a wooden frame with holes) till the parents and VPDC members guarantee that they would not disturb the girls. The youths are still in the camp, said a closed aide of Nasaka.

The two youths are Jani Alam (22) son of Ishaque (Kalabawda) and Jani Alam, (25), son of Mahamed Alam. Both hail from Zaydipran village under Shweza village track.

"Everyday they used to wait for her and tease and follow her until she reached her friends house," said a closed relative of Ma Nu Nu.

"When we try to get our children educated, especially girls, we face so many problems, as if educating girls is crime in our society," said a father in Maungdaw.