Maungdaw, Burma : A Rohingya youth was sodomized and strangled by Burma ’s border security force personnel on October 26, said a relative of the victim.

The victim was identified as Ziabul Haque (15), son of Nazir Ahamed, hailing from Padaga Ywathit (Garatawbil) of Maundaw Township in Arakan State , Burma .

On October 26, at about 1 p,m. Ziabul Haque was crossing a Nasaka outpost accompanied by a eight year old boy of Garatawbil under Nasaka Sector No. 4 of Bawli Bazar when were stopped, the relative added.

They were taken to a nearby hill side from where the younger boy ran away out of fear.  Ziabul Haque could not.

At the Nasaka outpost there were six Nasaka personnel on duty. Of them, two Nasaka personnel forcibly sodomized the Ziabul Haque and strangled him to stop him from talking, according to his family sources.

In the evening, his parents and relatives went looking for him when he failed to return home. It was then that the boy who had escaped informed them that Ziabul Haque was taken to the hill side by Nasaka personnel at about 1 p.m. The parents rushed to the Nasaka out-post and asked their son whereabouts.  But, the Nasaka personnel said they had no knowledge of their son. Then, they (parents) went to hill side, but they did not find Ziabul Haque, the family source added.

Again, on October 27 early morning, the parents along with other family members went to the hill side and found Ziabul's body in a narrow stream between two mountains. They informed the police station in Bawli Bazaar in Maungdaw Township. A police officer at the station accompanied by some policemen went to the spot and took pictures of the body. The police officer ordered the relatives of the victim to send the body to the morgue of the general hospital in Maungdaw town for autopsy. The police have been inquiring about the death, a relative said.

According to the doctor's report, the victim was sodomized and killed by strangling. He was buried after permission from authorities in the local cemetery, the same day.

"It is clear that the boy was killed by Nasaka after being sodomized, according to the statement of the escaped boy. The security personnel had sodomized the Rohingya boy earlier," a schoolteacher said.

"We are waiting to see what kind of action will be taken against the criminals," said another relative of the victim.