Teknaf, Bangladesh: Policemen from Teknaf police station seized 300 Yaba tablets from different border areas in the last 72 hours and arrested 19 people suspected of peddling drugs, said a trader in Teknaf.

The Cox's Bazaar Superintendent of Police, Banoj Kumar Majumdar, spoke about the seizure and arrests on Tuesday.

Yaba Tablets see in Teknaf

Banoj Kumar said a police team, which had been tipped off, raided Jaliapara and seized 200 tablets and arrested six people when they were selling the tablets on Sunday.

Another police team raided other border areas and arrested 13 people and seized 100 tablets.

Separate cases were filed in the Teknaf police station.

The arrested persons stated that all the drug tablets are coming from Burma, through the different ways to Teknaf. But they are not able to say who control this business in Teknaf.

On October 25, the Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) also seized over 5,000 Yaba's alternative drugs ice pills, ice pill preparing chemicals, foreign liquor, Phensidyle in Dhaka.