Teknaf, Bangladesh: Rice has been begun imported from Burma to Bangladesh as of November 27 through the Teknaf land port in Bangladesh, said our correspondent.

Yesterday, about 5,500 sacks of rice arrived at the land port from Burma in a cargo boat.

The importers have decided to import at about 300,000 sacks of 50 kilogram rice bags from Burma to Bangladesh, sources said.

They (importers) have started importing rice from Burma because Bangladesh will benefit. The importers Mohammed Hashim and Mohammed Abdullah decided to import rice, said a trader in Teknaf.

The availability of rice in Bangladesh falls short of demand and shortage had gone up following the devastation by cyclone Sidr. Many are facing scarcity of food in some districts of Bangladesh . Therefore, the two took the initiative to import rice from Burma , the importers said.

They expect that if they import rice it will be more freely available in the country and the price of rice will come down.

Yesterday evening, Shemshundar, the director of the Teknaf land port met cooperators and looked after the over all activity relating to the imports. He then held a meeting with some importers and CNF Agents Association of the land port in Net Tang Hotel in Teknaf, said a participant named Farook.