Friday, 05 June 2020

Manundaw, Burma : Burma ’s border security forces personnel killed a colleague because he had raped a young girl and killed her 12 days ago. He was arrested and tortured by fellow Nasaka members, said a source close to the force.

A young girl named Taslim Ara (11) was raped and killed by a Nasaka personnel named Myint (nick name) on November 17, while she was grazing cattle on a hillside.

The culprit Myint was arrested by a Nasaka Captain of an outpost in the Nasaka area No.1 in Maungdaw Township . He was severely tortured in the camp because the image of the Nasaka was tainted.

After the torture Myint was brought to Bawli Bazar Nasaka camp on November 24. He was admitted at the clinic in Bawli Bazar in Maungdaw Township . But, he died on November 25 of severe injuries.

In the evening, he was buried in a Myanmar Gyi (Borwa) cemetery in Bawli Bazaar, said a village elder.

The murdered Taslim Ara, daughter of Moulvi Mohammed Ali, hailed from Nazi Para in Ray Aung San Bwe village tract in Nasaka area No.1 in Maungdaw Township , Arakan.