Monday, 21 September 2020

Buthidaung, Arakan State:  Villagers of Jumma Para of Phone Nyo Hlake village tract in Buthidaung Township caught five thieving policemen when they were taking away a bull from the cow shed in the second week of January.

On January 10, at about 1 pm, five policemen from Buthidaung police station went to the village on patrol and took away a big bull from the cow shed of Kala Meah. However, the police were caught by villagers on the way to the police station, said a neighbour.

Nur Alam son of Kala Meah woke up and went out of the house to urinate and saw their bull being taken away. Hearing his shouts villagers rushed to the spot and caught the policemen red handed.

Some villagers went to the Buthidaung police station with the bull and handed over the five policemen. A police officer told the villagers that he had sent 10 policemen, and demanded to know where the rest were. The villagers said that they saw five policemen and caught them and had not seen the others.

Kala Meah, 45, son of Abul Hussain from Jumma Para was arrested and detained at the police station. The other villagers were allowed to go with the bull.   

On January 15, Kala Meah, the owner of the bull, was produced in Buthidaung court and sentenced to 7 years in prison for the disappearance of five policemen.

A schoolteacher from local said, "It is a deliberate act against the Rohingya community by vested quarters. The police are anti-socials in uniform.