Sunday, 17 January 2021

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Village Peace and Development Council, or VPDC chairman Nur Alam (25) and secretary  Mohamed Alam (30) of Kawarbil, or Gyi Gan Pyin of Maungdaw Township were rounded up for allegedly possessing Bangladeshi mobile phones in the first week of January.

A former Chairman Karim Ullah (35) sent a youth with a Bangladeshi mobile phone to the new VPDC Chairman Nur Alam and secretary while they were holding a discussion in the Chairman's house. When the chairman saw a Bangladeshi mobile phone in the hand of the youth, he seized it from him. The youth ran away and apprised the former Chairman.

The  former Chairman immediately informed the Commander of  Burma's border security forces, or Nasaka at its headquarters in Gyi Gan Pyin in Maungdaw Township that the new VPDC Chairman and Secretary had a Bangladeshi mobile phone and  were sending message to foreign countries.

Without delay, the Commander sent a group of Nasaka personnel to arrest the new Chairman and Secretary. They were brought to Nasaka headquarters.  

The Commander asked them how they got the Bangladeshi mobile phone. They told that it was seized from a youth and they have no mobile phone.

After that the youth was called to the headquarters and asked him about the mobile phone. The boy said that it was owned by both the chairman and the secretary. "They give me to keep it for two days only, and then I gave it back to them," the youth said.

The two were detained at the Nasaka headquarters and told to pay kyat 20 million.

Villagers believe that the new Chairman and Secretary were arrested because of an old enmity with the former Chairman. The former Chairman planned the whole thing.