Wednesday, 03 June 2020

Buthidaung, Atrakan State:  Fearing arrest a mother of two children Satara Begum of Phone You Hlake village in Buthidaung Township crossed the Burma-Bangladesh on January 25. She had married without permission of the authorities, she said.

Satara Begum (22), daughter of Md. Eliyas married Md. Hassan of the same village without permission from the concerned authorities three years ago. She had two children and her name was cancelled from her parents' family list as she left for her husband's house. But, she was not enlisted in her husband's family list. The Nasaka Burma's border security force knew that she was married without permission.

Her parents applied to Nasaka but did not get permission to marry as they were unable to pay.

She was liable to be arrested and jailed by Nasaka for marrying illegally. To make matters worse her husband rejected her for fear of being arrested. So, she fled to Bangladesh where her relative lives in Nayapara refugee camp with her two small children.

It took her three days to reach the Nayapara refugee camp from where she crossed the Burma-Bangladesh border. However, she reached at the camp on January 28, at about 8 pm with her two sick children.

Her two children were afflicted by pneumonia on the way to Bangladesh as they had no warm clothes and no food. Now, she is living with her relative in the refugee camp. But, she does not know what will happen in the future, said Amina Khatun, a member of a social committee in Nayapara camp.