Monday, 25 May 2020

Akyab; Arakan state: A Rohingya in Akyab who died in police custody was cremated on February 22 afternoon according to Buddhist customs without the family being informed.

Zawmir Uddin died in police custody following torture and beating by the police. The police took him to the Buddhist cemetery where he was cremated according to Buddhist custom without his family members being informed on February 22 at about 2 pm, a source in the police station said.

A section of policemen from No. 1 police station of Akyab led by sergeant Win Kyaw surrounded the house of both Illiyas and Zawmir Uddin when they were sleeping in their house on February 21, at about 9 pm. When Zawmir Uddin tried to escape to evade arrest, the policemen beat him up severely in his house and in police custody, he added.

Illiyas ,28),son of Hussin Jamil and Zawmir Uddin, 26, son of Jamal Uddin, hailing from Nazi Para of Akyab were accused by the police of Akyab town of being human traffickers, according to their relatives.

"They are not human traffickers, they are social workers and help poor people in their village but the police didn't want them to stay in the village as they (police) could not harass the villagers because of the two," said an elder in Nazir para.  

The family members complained to the authorities about Zawmir Uddin but no action was taken, said a school teacher from said village.