Wednesday, 03 June 2020

Akyab( Sittwe), Arakan State: Akyab, the capital of Arakan State   has become the main port for travellers to Malaysia . On February 20, at mid night, about 531 boat-people with five engine boats departed to Maylaysia from Akyab, said a trader of Sittwe.

The boat-people procured permission by giving kyat 100,000 per head to the immigration, police, Sarapa (Military Intelligence) and the military in Sittwe. The boat-people departed from Guaillar Dill village of Akyab .

A tout Md. Rofique (35), son of Md. Salim collected the money from the boat-people and bought five engine boats and put ---90,100, 111, 105 and 125--- boat people according to the size of boat and left the place.

There were some family members among the boat people, according to a villager whose relative was one of them.

Following many restrictions in Bangladesh, the tout chose Akyab town as an alternative tout to send people from Arakan State to Malaysia.

"In Malaysia the situation of the Rohingya community is not good. Why do the people flee from Arakan State ? A village elder asked.

A village elder said that the situation was similar to shooting two birds with one shot. The authorities earned money and also depopulated Arakan State.