Wednesday, 03 June 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: An ongoing religious function was ransacked and a religious leader Maulana Sayedul Amin (60) of Maung Nama village was dragged away by Nasaka Burma's border security force yesterday night while he was preaching, said a schoolteacher in the locality.

Yesterday, at about 11 pm, a religious function was being held in Maung Nama village in Maungdaw Township after permission from the concerned authorities. The function was arranged by Abu Sofian (45), son of Md. Siddique of Maung Nama village.

After the function began when Mohadas Sayedul Amin was preaching to the people, suddenly, two groups of Nasaka in a fuddled state, numbering 12, from Nasaka Headquarters surrounded the crowd and ransacked the place. They arrested Maulana Sayedul Amin and dragged him to their camp.

Meanwhile, the crowd tried to snatch Maulana Sayedul Amin from the Nasaka but, Nasaka personnel fired into the air to disperse them. The villagers accompanied by Village Peace and Development Council Chairman went to the Nasaka headquarters to apprise the commander.  But, the commander of Nasaka Headquarters (Hqs) asked them to come again next morning, said a local trader.   

Today early in the morning, the villagers went to the Nasaka Headquartrers again to meet the commander and at about 8:00 am the arrested Mohadas Sayedul Amin was released without any conditions attached.

But one of the villagers Hasu Meah (55), son of Quellah Mea, hailing from Maung Nama village in Maungdaw Township is still detained in the Nasaka camp as he had quarrelled with Nasaka personnel while they were dragging away Mohadas Sayedul Amin.

Again, today at about 10 am, Nasaka personnel involved in the incident and Mohadas Sayedul Amin were summoned to the Nasaka Headquarters for further investigations. But, what transpired was not known.