Teknaf, Bangladesh: The Kuwait Doint Relief Community (KDRC) distributed food items in the Burmese unofficial refugee camp of Dum Dum Mea, or Tal in Bangladesh yesterday, said Ayub Majee of the camp.

The KDRC provided rice, potato, pulse (Dal), edible oil to every family. It distributed 13.5 kgs of rice, 7 kgs of potato, 1.5 kgs of pulse, one litre of edible oil and 2 kgs of salt to each family.

It distributed the items to 2,800 families in the camp but 200-families were left out because of shortage of relief material. But, they will get the same items later, according to Majee Ayub.

The KDRC distributed the food items through camp Majees (shed leaders) with the help of the concerned authorities. It was organized from the Kuwait emergency relief fund.     

"We are very happy with the food items," a refugee named Shukur of the makeshift camp said.

Another refugee said that they were unhappy as they did not get relief materials as the other refugees and asked "why does Bangladesh not recognize us as refugees?"