Teknaf, Bangladesh: A minor Burmese refugee girl was critically injured in a motorcycle accident on March 26, while she was crossing the Teknaf-Cox's Bazaar high way, said a Majee (shed leader) Hafez Mohamed Ayub.

The injured Burmese refugee was identified as Rabiya Begum (6), daughter of Mohamed Hussain of makeshift camp or Tal of Dum Dum Mea.

The accident occurred near the makeshift camp when the minor girl was crossing the road. Suddenly, a motor cycle, with the number plate Chetro-metro 23-5234 hit the girl. The motor cyclist drove away leaving the critically injured girl.  Local Bangladesh people rushed to the spot and sent the girl to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) clinic, said a refugee from Tal.

In the makeshift camp, the average family size is--- one to five, and up to 12--- people live in one shelter. The shelters are arranged in rows, each separated from the next by a wall of plastic sheeting or rice sack. Narrow alleyways about 1.2 meters wide separate the rows of shacks.

At present, about 3,000 families are living at the makeshift camp.

The Tal camp is 800 meters long by 30 to 50 meters wide. It is situated on the bank of the Naff River and next to the main road between Teknaf and Cox's Bazar, seven kilometers north of Teknaf town.

The area of the current Tal camp is totally inappropriate and insufficient for the people, especially given its unfortunate location between the water and the road.