Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burmese Army was deployed on the Burma-Bangladesh border recently as the military had received information that joint Rakhine and Rohingya armed groups would penetrate Arakan State to disrupt the forthcoming national constitutional referendum, said a source close to the army

.The Bangladesh Army was also deployed on the Bangladesh Burma border recently to counter Burmese Army deployment, according to sources close to Bangladesh Rifles (BDR).   


Recently, a flag meeting was held between BDR and Nasaka, Burma's border security force on the Bangladesh-Burma border, regarding the rebel groups of Burma. In the meeting, from the Bangladesh side, the BDR said that there was no information that the Burmese insurgent group would enter Arakan State. They added that Burmese rebel groups had been eliminated by the Bangladesh government. There was no chance of Burmese insurgent groups operating inside Arakan, the source added.


People believe that deployed of the army in border areas is only intended for the  forthcoming national referendum to show the public the strength of the regime and to stop people mobilizing casting of "No" votes.