Thursday, 28 May 2020

Palet Wa , Chin State :  Troops of the Burma Army's Light infantry Battalion No. 289 of Pa Let Wa township in Chin State have been using villagers as forced labor for construction of barracks and digging of trenches since May 19, according to a source close to the battalion.

The villagers are being forced to construct and renovate army barracks and have to dig trenches in the camps in Kin Tha Lin, Ta Yawn Ai, Miwa and Zaydi Taung, which are under LIB 289.


They have to work from 6 a.m. to noon everyday bringing their own food from home.  Besides, they have to cut thatches and erect small pillars needed as roof for the barracks.


The villagers have to go to the camp every day on a rotational basis. Last year, the trenches were made with wooden pillars but, this year trenches are being made with brick and concrete. Villagers are not being paid any wages.  Before the onset of the monsoon such construction and renovation is done every year, said a source close to police.