Thursday, 28 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Rohingya businessman has been detained since May 1 by Naing Hlwin Soe, the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Maungdaw police station on charges of not having repaid a loan taken from a policeman, a friend of the victim said.

The victim was identified as Ba Bu Ya (alias) Win Myint (a.k.a) Khalu (30), son of the late board of judges of Garata Bill village tract in Maungdaw Township.  He now lives in Myoma Ka Nyin Tan village in Maungdaw Town.


In 2007, Win Myint took Kyat 300,000 as loan for business purposes from a policeman, Sergeant San Win of Maungdaw police station. At that point they had a close relationship. He (Win Myint) was to return the money with interest by the end of 2008. He had to pay kyat 20,000 as interest for every Kyat 100,000 he had taken. So he had to pay back a total Kyat 420,000 to Sergeant San Win, the friend added.


The sergeant was transferred to Rangoon division from Maungdaw town in April 2008. However, before leaving for Rangoon, Sergeant San Win told his boss, the OC Nain Hlwin Soe to take kyat 700,000 from Win Myint.


In the end of April, after San Win transferred, the OC called Ba Bu Ya to pay Kyat 700,000 including the interest. Ba Bu Ya was ready to pay kyat 420,000 which he had promised San Win. The OC was adamant and wanted Kyat 700,000. Ba Bu Ya was unable to pay at one go. He was arrested and is detained in Maungdaw police station.


He has not been produced in court. If someone is arrested the police cannot detain him after 24 hours and has to produce him in court, said a relative in Maungdaw.