Wednesday, 03 June 2020

Palet  Wa , Chin State : A boat sank in the Kaladan River due to strong currents after heavy rain on May 24, at about 2 p.m. while it was carrying rations for the Marit Wa army camp from Palet   Wa  camp. The ration was meant for the Light Infantry Battalion No. 289. The boat owner drowned, according to official sources.

The dead was identified as U Sein Aung (40) of the Kami community from Mayni Goon Ward of Plawet Wa Township. He drowned near Kwe Thaung village in the Kaladan River when the boat sank.


On May 24, at about 2 p.m. a boat loaded with six bags (50kgs) of rice, one bag of cheek pea 20 litres of edible oil and five cartons of meat pot in three rowing boats, were being transported along the Kaladan River to Marit Wa army camp from Palet Wa army camp by Sergeant Aye Hlwin Oo along with nine army personnel.  On the way one of the boats sank in the river because of strong currents after heavy rain. The boat owner who was also the boatman U Sein Aung was killed after he hit his head against a rock. One G4, two rice bags, 20 kilograms of salt, 30 litres of edible oil, and two-cartons of meat pot were lost with the boat.


On May 24, the army was unable to find the lost gun because of the strong water currents. On May 25, the army called in 60 villagers from " Kuri Thaung Village and ordered them to find the gun after diving in the river from 7 in the morning.  The gun was recovered at about 10 a.m., said a source close to the army.


The boat owner's body was handed over to his relatives for cremation in his native village. He maybe cremated on May 26.