Wednesday, 03 June 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A staff member of the Township Peace and Development Council, (TPDC) along with police extorted money from villagers who purchased furniture from the Natala (model) villagers recently, said a trader of the locality on condition of anonymity.

In Maungdaw Township, four months ago, Natala (model) villagers who were brought to Maungdaw Township from Burma proper sold some furniture made by them. Some villagers, mostly from Myoma Kayan Dan Village of Maungdaw Township bought some furniture from the Natala villagers.


Regarding this, U Myo Oo, a clerk of TPDC office of Maungdaw accompanied by some police from Maungdaw police station went to Myoma Kayan Dan village on July 21, and arrested and tortured the people who bought the furniture from Natala villagers. The police brought the victims to the nearby TPDC office and released them after taking at least kyat 20,000 to 30,000 from each.


The police fleeced Kyat 200,000 from Faroque(17), son of late Ali Ahmed, from Myuma Kayandan village of Maungdaw township for buying a small bench from Natala villagers. The police arrested the victim's mother and took her to the police station. Her son Faroque rented his house and took the money and had her released.   


Besides, they extorted Kyat 30,000 from Haji Ali Ahmed, son of Abdu Zabber, Kyat 20,000 from Aman Ullah (50), son of   Abdu Zabber, Kyat 30,000 from Elu(42), son of Baru. The all hail from Myuma Kayan Dan Village of Maungdaw Township.


Moreover, a tea shop owner Md. Ayas, son of Mohamed of Myuma Kayan Dan village had to pay Kyat 300,000 for keeping a sewing machine of a Natala villager. The sewing machine was brought to a mechanic by a Natala villager to for repair. But, the mechanic was absent, so the Natala villager kept his machine in the tea shop temporarily.


The Natala villagers were recently brought to Arakan north from Rangoon and settled in Bagona Rohingya village of Maungdaw Township.


A village school teacher said, "It is not a crime to buy furniture from Natala villagers. The d authorities are doing this deliberately to harass the Rohingya community. They did not order the villagers not to buy the furniture from the Natala villages."