Sunday, 31 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan: A village in Northern Maungdaw, under Burma's border security force, or Nasaka area number 5, has become unsafe recently with frequent robberies, said a school teacher from that area.

Ahtet Pyoma is situated on the bank of Pyoma stream (Pyoma kalal) and near the Naf River. It has 300 houses of the Rakhine and Rohingya community.


The village was attacked and robbed four times, 10 compiled thefts, and was looted 15 times. Some people were injured on some occasions since June, 2008, said a village elder.


Around 80 villagers from the village requested the authorities of area, Major Kyaw Maung, the commander of Nasaka, for security of the village, but the officer didn't make any commitment to the villagers and also told the villagers to resort to self security. After returning from the Nasaka office, the villagers were sad as their village will be destroyed soon because of the robbery, he added.


The village headman and community leaders organized their security with villagers and posted sentries in the night on rotation, he added.


On other hand, the authorities alleged that the robberies were committed by robbers from Bangladesh along with Rohingya insurgent groups, whereas the village is surrounding by Nasaka, police and armed personnel camps. "How do the robbers come through these camps to the village?" asked a school teacher.