Rathedaung, Arakan State:  In unabated repression of the Rohingya community, two Rohingya youths hailing from Rathedaung Township, Arakan State, were fined for marrying on September 18, even though they married after receiving permission, said a relative of one of the victims.


The victims have been identified as Melaya (30), son of Ulla Meah, hailing from Donsay Para of Rathedaung Township and Mohamed Rashid (35) from the same village.


The victims married a year ago, after receiving permission from Nasaka camp No. 21 of area No. 9  in Rathedaung Township.  But, the Nasaka officer of the camp was transferred to another camp and was replaced by a new officer.


After the new Nasaka officer's arrival, the two youths were arrested on September 18, on allegation that their marriage was not legal because the Nasaka officer who had given them permission was transferred. They were told to take fresh permission from the new Nasaka officer.  

They were released after paying Kyat 30,000 each to the Nasaka.


"The Nasaka authorities have been getting away with such repression against the Rohingya community because they have the power, and there is no one to stop them," a schoolteacher from the locality said.