Thursday, 28 January 2021

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Villagers in Shewza Village of Maungdaw Township are facing a problem. A local youth had teased a female student while she was returning home from school, which in turn led to a quarrel between the two, a local from Shewza village said.


The problem occurred on October 14, between two local youths (Futuya and Kalaya) and one woman, who hailed from Gonna para under Shewza village tract and a girl. The girl is a class nine student named Nilar Khin (15), hailed from Saydiparan village of the same village tract under Maungdaw Township, the local added. 


The youths teased Nilar on her way back home from school in the evening on October 14, about 5:30pm. The girl got very angry and scolded them severely and also beat them up with her slippers. In retaliation, the youths beat her up severely resulting in Nilar falling down on the street.


Nearby villagers rushed to the spot while the youths and the girl with them fled from the scene. The locals took Nilar home.


After that, Nilar along with her relative went to the Nasaka camp No. 14 and narrated the event in detail to the in charge of the camp .As a result, Captain Nyant Sein , the Nasaka officer in charge of the camp ordered the Village Peace and Development Council ( VPDC) authority to call the youths and the girl. However, all three of them had gone into hiding for fear of arrest. They were arrested on October 17 and a case was filed in the Nasaka camp against them, said sources.


The woman accompanying the youth is called Porbin. She is a widow said an elder from Gonna village. She has to appear at the Nasaka camp in the morning and left home in the evening as per request of Nilar's family.


The Nasaka officer is going to investigate the case and will send his findings to Maungdaw court after his investigation, a close aide from Nasaka said.


"We send our children to school to get education, but the local people tease young female students, whether they are old or young. So we need support from the authority to protect female students to go to school safely," said a member of the village authority.


"I tried to escape from them, when they were teasing me as I want to be an educated person and today they have increased throwing stones at me. After the quarrel, I fell down and then the woman started beating me with a bamboo stick," Nilar said to her relative.