Teknaf, Bangladesh: Vitamin A plus capsules were fed to the refugee children in Rohingya refugee camps on October 5, Hsahim, a refugee said from the Kutupalong camp.

According to refugees, “We are very happy that the government feeds vitamin A capsules to our children. It is good for our children to be prevented from various diseases.”
National vitamin A plus capsules campaign was observed across the country on October 5 (Saturday) with an aim to prevent --- childhood blindness, reduce child mortality and strengthen their immune system, according to campaign leaflet.
The government set target of feeding high-powered vitamin A capsules to the children aged between six months to five years under national vitamin A plus campaign.A Community Health Worker from the Nayapara camp said that the health staffs were working in different immunization centers at camps and feeding the children due to rain.Secretary MM Niaz Uddin inaugurated the campaign at Institute of Public
Health Nutrition. In local and urban areas, around 140,000 centers were set up in different places to feed the children vitamin capsules from 8:00 am to 4:00pm, according to campaign official source. The government conducts this campaign twice a year aiming to reduce the rate of night blindness which has come down to 0.04 percent now from 3.76 percent in 1982, according to campaign leaflet.