Thursday, 28 May 2020

Maungdaw, Burma: District justice U Ohn Han, is allegedly taking bribes from the plaintiffs and defendants and trying to settle court cases urgently before he is shifted to Nay Pay Daw.  He has been already transferred to Nay Pay Daw as of November 1, according to a close aide of the police in Maungdaw.

On November 23, he took bribes from some plaintiffs and defendants for settlement of their cases.

The Chief district judge also rejected the bail petition of Salim (Than Tun) the Chairman of MMO (Myammar Muslin Organization ) of Maungdaw District. He is famous for his notorious activities. He illegally jailed innocent persons who were not able to pay more bribe.

He was transferred as he did not obey even the orders of the State Chief Justice, according to sources.   

He was transferred to Nay Pay Daw on November 30, from Maungdaw Town, Arakan State. So, he is taking bribe and trying to settle the cases quickly and the cases go in favor of people who give more money.

His wife bought many ornaments of gold to carry it to Rangoon, a close aide of her.