Thursday, 28 May 2020

Maungdaw, Burma: The Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC) Chairman along with U Hla Tun Pru, the land-survey officer of Maungdaw Township went to Aley Than Kyaw village tract on November 15 and seized arable land from villagers for Hloon Tin police, said a schoolteacher on condition of anonymity. 


Hloon Tin from Maungdaw 4-mile Battalion, requested the authorities to provide them 50 acres of arable land from Aley Than Kyaw village tract of Maungdaw Township. But, taking advantage of this, the TPDC chairman and the land-survey officer went to the village and forcibly seized 1,000 acres in stead of 50 acres from Roingya villagers and marked the land into plots.


The TPDC Chairman used methods to squeeze money out of Rohingya farmers by saying that if any one wants to be dropped from the list, he or she must pay Kyat 400,000 per acre. In this way, the TPDC Chairman earned a lot of money from the villagers, according to a farmer.


Most of the villagers are farmers, so the farm land is the only source of support for their family where they grow paddy and winter crops. Therefore, most of the farmers got themselves dropped from the list by paying money to the TPDC Chairman.


Last week, the TPDC Chairman accompanied by other officials went to Bawli Bazaar and Maung Nama village tracts to observe cultivation of paddy and survey the possibility of seizing more land from the villagers.  But, there is no land left  to seize  as before most of the lands had been siezed by Nasaka (Burma's border security force), for Natala (model villagers),  for agricultural projects, growing Physic nut  and other purposes, said a village elder from the locality on condition of anonymity.


The State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) has a special policy to seize land from Rohingya farmers every year and wants them to become landless.


A farmer whose land was confiscated said, "All my farm lands are confiscated. I have five family members and have no alternative business and the restriction on movement still exists. I am unable to think about my family member's future.