Friday, 05 June 2020

Maungdaw, Burma: A CARE delegate led by Mr. Himber arrived at Maung Nama and Pawet Chaung village Tracts of Maungdaw Township on November 28, to survey its projects' development which was provided two years ago, sources said close to CARE.


It provided for schools, health centres,  gardens, and tube wells  for drinking water and it wants to know what the situation of the projects are, what is the impact of the project and what are the difficulties, the villagers are facing to implement the project. Future plans will also be chalked out.


Two years ago, there was a women's association with 30 members. The CARE provided Kyat 280,000 to the association last year.  They collected Kyat 200 per head per month as fees from among the members accounting for Kyat 6,000 per month. The members will collect Kyat 400 per month per head if the representative provides them Kyat 400,000 for the next year, one of the members of the association said.


After the collection of the money, they used it as a fund for all members, and gave help to members in trouble. They also helped patients who are members of the association.


Any member can borrow the money for business purposes, but has to pay three percent interest per month.


The delegate led by Mr. Himber, a senior projector accompanied by another senior official of CARE and some other members from Maungdaw CARE office went to the village.