Buthidaung, Arakan State:  Burma’s authorities have been forcing villagers from neighboring villages of Sine Daung water fall under the Buthidaung Township to work on construction of roads and cut through earth to build houses in the area since the last two months, a local village elder said.
There is a waterfall namely Sine Daung to the south east of Buthidaung Town about 20 miles off the town.
If harnessed properly, this waterfall has the potential to produce coal, gas and oil. It also has the capacity to supply electricity to the whole of Arakan state, and also to Bangladesh, according to an engineer, who declined to be named.
Earlier, the military government did not try to establish the project to produce hydro-electricity, because it did not wish to further the development of Arakan State and its people, another businessman said.  
According to villagers, recently two foreign engineers arrived at Sine Daung waterfall to take measurements to produce hydroelectric power from it. Earlier, two engineers had arrived in that area for taking measurements of the waterfall; however, one of the engineers, died after falling into to the waterfall while taking measurements.
After the incident, the project was abandoned for many years.  Currently, the military junta is again trying to produce hydroelectricity from this waterfall, a school teacher from the locality said.
Everyday, about 100 villagers have to go to the work site for working, taking their own food along for the last two months. The concerned authorities are not even providing them with any wages.