Thursday, 28 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The World Food Program (WFP) provided rice to villagers who built latrines in village as supporting the program of WFP in Maungdaw Township, in Arakan State, on February 27, a village elder said preferring not to be named. 
The WFP provided rice to Maung Nama village of Maungdaw Township who built latrine in that village. The latrines were provided by WFP and it ordered to build 90 latrines in the village.
The WFP will provide 120 kgs rice per construction of one latrine for 90 latrines. As a first phase, today, the WFP provided 60kgs rice per one latrine. The next rice will be provided in second phase in future.
Earlier, the WFP financially supported 30 families of said village, which grew ladies finger in their village of Maungnama.  Each family had grown 0.20 acres of ladies finger with the support of the WFP. It only provided those families with rice.
WFP will provide rice to these families two times in a year. Earlier, on February 14, it provided rice to the villagers with the collaboration of the local Farm Committee members. Each family got 50kgs of rice.  Today, they also got 50 kg of rice for growing ladies finger, according to a local villager who received rice from WFP.
With the aid of the WFP, some of the ultra poor villagers are able to support their family members, otherwise, they face acute financial crisis and find it difficult to support their family members. Earlier, their lands were confiscated by the concerned authorities, and they had no jobs, while strict movement restrictions have been imposed on them, a local student preferring not to be named said.